Phyllis M. Walsh

In 2006 I was a young mother of two children, when my young husband Owen, died suddenly, and unexpectedly of a heart attack.


My world as I knew it, was completely broken and changed forever.

I had two young children, a 3 and 9 years old, who I had to raise without their father. The astounding and true events which followed, inspired me to write my book, “The Illusion of Mortality”. The purpose of the book is to help other people suffering the loss of a loved one and to say that you will see your ,loved ones again. Physical  death is not the end but merely the beginning of your new and stunning life. ❤️

The events that followed my husband´s death were both inspiring and thought provoking. These events had made me realize with strong conviction, that our consciousness survives our physical death.


Owen communicated with me via a dream, that I would be introduced to James Van Praagh, and I experienced many synchronicities in  the US.

One of the fascinating synchronicities, happened shortly after I arrived in California. Following his death, I enjoyed watching the Ghost Whisper Series with Jennifer Love Hewitt. James was the co-executive producer of this amazing show. It was very spiritual in nature, and gave me great comfort watching it after Owen died.

How amazing it was that I actually ended up visiting the set in Hollywood, of my favorite program. Owen knew that this was going to happen in my future. I have many of these and are all contained in my book.  It covers the subjects of bereavement, spirituality  and the paranormal.


In the following years, I attended some of James’s amazing workshops. The picture taken below, was taken in Dublin in Tallaght 2015. A very enjoyable and inspiring experience.


My book deals with basic question everybody asks when someone they love dies.

I would like to pass on to others, the lessons I have learned which helped me with my own grief and bereavement.

Fascinating encounters and incidents started to happen in my daily life at home.

From objects moving and receiving messages through dreams to objects appearing in unexpected places.


This was the leaflet my daughter Sophia found in her school bag. The previous night she had been desperate for her father to give her a sign to show her that he was still with her.




Such an honor to have received such a wonderful endorsement of my book by the world-renowned  and remarkable James Van Praagh.